To Jim Irsay

The Colts suck because you diss the whole concept of “Team” – or even “Gang”. 

The Colts act like a gaggle of third-world transients in a holding pen with just enough whiskey and weirdness and talent to be competitive – but soon they will start getting busted – small things at first, but soon bigger & faster & uglier.  And your shame will be as the shame of many; yr days will be spastic episodes full of great crooked cops & wrongful dishonor…that is what I see in the future - which is yesterday for you poor bastards because you’re too dumb to even Fake a “team” concept or even to say the word “we” in public.  That’s why you can’t have any fun with the Colts & you won’t have any fun with the Browns or the Whores or The Globtrotters.

Be careful, James – yr greed crazed outbursts are beginning to rub off on people. 

Dr. Hunter S. Thompson.

May 5th 1997


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