“Go down with the ship, sucker. You are now a dues-paying member of the No-Fun Club, and your life is getting worse every day. Hell, if I were 22 years old in this country today I’d be wearing earphones too. No news is good news. But wait! Don’t touch that dial. I have incredibly good news for You: This is your lucky day, numb-nuts, because there is a plan that will jerk You out of that horrible rut that you were plunged into by whores you can never know. The only way out of the No-Fun Club is to have some serious fun. Go wild on a binge of some kind. Kick out the jams like a crazy animal. Get those shit-eating cobwebs out of your brain. Kick the shit out of people who are getting in your way. Whoop it up.” Fear and Justice in the Kingdom of Sex - Hunter S. Thompson - Playboy Magazine Article (via hamez)

(via hamez)

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